Clay for Nepal: Global is local

Earthquakes in Nepal have many folks feeling like they want to help out in some useful way.  Below are two ways to give: one to Oxfam, and one directly to the village of Lalitpur.

A small group of ceramists have organized Clay for Nepal, an on-line live auction and store, with all proceeds going to Oxfam.  Bids and sales take place this weekend, May 15-17, so get ready.

Lynda Draper

Jenny Mendez has friends in need and has organized a campaign for the village that she visited in Nepal last year.  Consider contributing to make a direct difference in the lives of this Lalitpur families.

We can all do something, so let’s do it.  Every little bit helps, and like the butterfly effect, your tiny bit added to my tiny bit adds up.



#potsinaction hashtag for, well, Pots in Action

#potsinaction ...started by Ayumi Horie

#potsinaction …started by Ayumi Horie

Do you post images on facebook or instagram?  If your images include handmade functional ceramics in use, add the hashtag #potsinaction to be part of a movement to bring the natural usability of functional ceramics into the spotlight.  What is perfectly normal to those of use who use/make/love handmade pots can be a new idea to others…let’s share the love!

And thanks to Ayumi Horie for starting what may or may not be a ‘wave’ of action shots of our personal lives, our handmade pots, the reason we make what we make.