Order Supplies through Frederick Potter’s Guild: this week

Want to order clay, supplies, tools, anything from Clayworks Supplies in Baltimore, but don’t want to drive that far to pick it up?  You’re in luck!  The Potter’s Guild of Frederick is placing a bulk order this week, and you can be part of it.

Go to Clayworks Supplies and make a list of what you would like, and what it will cost.  Forward that list to Esther Murphy:     esther_murphy@comcast.net

Orders will be placed after the PGoF meeting this monday 3/2/15, so act fast!  Pick-up will be at a guild member’s house in Frederick, TBA, about one week later.

How it works:  PGoF is a non-profit, so no tax is charged on the order.  The delivery fee of $60 is divided between everyone who orders, so your charge will be a little more than what you order (but much less than driving to Baltimore).  Any bulk discounts are returned to PGoF to fund future guild events.

Potter's Guild of Frederick

And if you haven’t checked out the Potter’s Guild of Frederick, they have a gallery storefront in downtown Frederick, an active guild, and have meetings with activities monthly. Their annual Brain Freeze each August is an Empty Bowls Meets Ice Cream fundraiser for the Frederick Rescue Mission, and a great opportunity to be part of the larger ceramics community.  Next meeting: Monday (3/2/15) at Common Market in Frederick.


For Sale: pretty much everything you need…

For Sale or Free!

If you’re in the market for pottery supplies, there are many to be had in our area.  Sycamore Pottery is cleaning out their storage shed, Deb Dickinson is making some space in her studio, and Paula Bailey wants to make space in her outdoor kiln shed.   Keep reading….


Sycamore Pottery, Pam and Ren Parziale:     304-725-4251

The list is long, so open this word doc with the whole shebang….posts, bricks, shelves, dry chemicals, pyrometer, it’s all there.   Sycamore Pottery Supplies for sale

Debbie Dickinson:     meranddeb@frontiernet.net

Re-homing her raku electric kiln, well used, but still works.  It’s an odd shape, 29″ wide and 18″ tall.  (Didn’t use shelves to raku). Made by AIM. To cone 10.  For free.

Paula Bailey:    Swirladelic@gmail.com

Small gas kiln, needs some work, crack on back wall and needs floor.  Free.

Free to a good home, needs work...

Free to a good home, needs work…