For Sale: pretty much everything you need…

For Sale or Free!

If you’re in the market for pottery supplies, there are many to be had in our area.  Sycamore Pottery is cleaning out their storage shed, Deb Dickinson is making some space in her studio, and Paula Bailey wants to make space in her outdoor kiln shed.   Keep reading….


Sycamore Pottery, Pam and Ren Parziale:     304-725-4251

The list is long, so open this word doc with the whole shebang….posts, bricks, shelves, dry chemicals, pyrometer, it’s all there.   Sycamore Pottery Supplies for sale

Debbie Dickinson:

Re-homing her raku electric kiln, well used, but still works.  It’s an odd shape, 29″ wide and 18″ tall.  (Didn’t use shelves to raku). Made by AIM. To cone 10.  For free.

Paula Bailey:

Small gas kiln, needs some work, crack on back wall and needs floor.  Free.

Free to a good home, needs work...

Free to a good home, needs work…