Potomac Clay Weekend: get out and explore your rivers!


The Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers are waiting for you.  The C&O Canal and Appalachian Trail are in wildflower bloom.  Get out and explore!  By connecting with our own waterways, our watershed, we find a contentment and richness in or lives…it’s worth it.

***Potomac Clay Weekend Map***

Kirke Martin and M4 Studios, Bill Van Gilder Pottery, Lisa Kovatch Pottery, Pam and Ren Parziale and Sycamore Pottery, and Joy Bridy Pottery are all in their studios this weekend, looking forward to hearing about your adventures along the rivers and trails, and showing you their newest works.  See Pam’s traditional brushwork of birds, Lisa’s stylized carvings of nature’s vines and birds, Bill’s huts inspired by his time in Africa, Kirke’s wood fired aesthetics paired with spring’s branches, and Joy’s kinetic sculptures in action (workshop Sunday at noon).

And while you’re out and about, it’s also the second annual South Mountain Festival, the 7th annual Panhandle Earth Day Celebration at Morgans Grove Park, Stony Field Farm’s kickoff farm day, Harpers Ferry Bolivar Art Walk, and the Jefferson and Berkeley County House and Garden Tour, for starts.  Something for everyone on this gorgeous April weekend….see you out there!


Profile: Sycamore Pottery

Moving to a new place is always a little scarey, but as soon as I met Pam and Ren Parziale, I knew that I’d be just fine in my new home community.  Fast-forward seven years, and the Sycamore Potters have become not only phenomenal community and mentors, but also good friends.  We share a love for truly functional pots, delicious regional homemade food, and swapping stories over a glass of wine.

Pam and Ren are the duo behind Sycamore Pottery.  They are the living bridge between the historical potters who roamed these hills in the previous centuries, and the future young makers coming aboard.  With their foundational understanding of the importance of handmade functional pottery, and their deep aesthetic drive for a beautiful life well lived, they bring passion and flavor to our contemporary times.

Pam Parziale: Sycamore Pottery


Their location, tucked in a woody hillside outside of Leetown, is a piece of art that they created together, from planting the trees that now tower over their open spaces, to building the structures and kilns that make up their work and lives.  Natural harmony is the thread through all that they do….take a walk around their place and you see their pots and brushwork details all around them.

Ren w porcelain bowl IMG_2701

While Pam and Ren are the furthest away (of the Potomac Clay Weekend studios) from the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, they are just a short jaunt from the Opequon Creek, which is a direct tributary into the Potomac River.  So take a detour during Potomac Clay Weekend to see one of the Potomac Watershed tributaries, and stop in to meet two amazing potters and devoted community members.  You won’t be sorry you did.  And, yes, they do laugh most of the time. (wink)